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Annual PDI Training

Options for Professional Development
Annual Training

The Professional Development Incentive system will be changing beginning July 1, 2019. Scroll down for details.

Caregivers must complete 10 hours of Career Ladder approved annual training from the following list of options:

1. Take an approved Career Ladder class from your local Care About Childcare agency and or community agency. View a calendar of upcoming classes.

2. Take an approved Career Ladder online training. See a list of Approved Online Courses.

3. Take a training that offers Continuing Education Units(CEU), such as a local early childhood conference. Approved conferences and workshops will appear on the training calendar listed above on #1. Any CEU from an early childhood entity can count. Some CAC classes are available for CEU credit. Many online entities also offer CEU credit. See our suggested CEU options HERE.

4. Take a 1 credit college class form an institution of higher learning (university, college, or community college). The class must relate to the field of early childhood or child development.

5. Participate in a Professional Activity. A qualifying Professional Activity must advance the field of early childhood in some way, and be above and beyond the current job responsibilities of the applicant. For a list of approved activities, see the list of Approved Professional Activities. If an applicant wishes to participate in a Professional Activity not on the approved list, he/she may apply to have the activity approved by filling out the Professional Activity Pre-Approval Form. The applicant will need to fill out and submit a Professional Activities Documentation Form once the activity is completed in order to receive credit.

Approved Professional Activities List

Professional Activity Documentation Form

Professional Activity Pre-Approval Form

Beginning July 1, 2019, professional development incentives may only be awarded to eligible participants at the successful completion of a Career Ladder level. Incentive awards will no longer be awarded for 10 hours of annual training. Click here for more information.