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4. Current NAC (National Administrator's Credential) + 6 specific career ladder courses + Observation

National Administration Credential:

6 Specific Career Ladder Courses (taken from licensing specifications):

  1.  Ages & Stages
  2.  Learning in the Early Years
  3.  A Great Place for Kids
  4.  Strong & Smart
  5.  Learning to Get Along
  6.  Advanced Child Development  (Page 7 & 8)

An observation is required as part of this demonstrated competency.  The applicant is responsible for finding an observer that has been approved by CCPDI click here for approved observers.  Click HERE to view observation tool.  The observer will need to sign a letter  that includes their contact information stating that the applicant has passed the observation with 75% or higher, and it must be sent to CCPDI with the application.

 Go here for scholarship information.