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Child Care Quality System


Utah is currently implementing a new Child Care Quality System (CCQS), with center-based programs beginning October 2019 and family-based programs beginning October 2020. This system will help parents make informed choices about the child care programs their child attends so that the program will better prepare their child for kindergarten and life. This system will also ensure government child care subsidies are supporting quality programs. CCQS Fact Sheet

Enhanced Subsidy Grant: Programs rated High Quality or High Quality Plus may receive a monthly Enhanced Subsidy Grant.
A Valuable Marketing Tool: Receiving a high-quality ranking from the state is an impressive selling point for providers as they promote their business.
Funding Resources: The Office of Child Care is reallocating funds to help providers achieve a higher rating.

The Office of Child Care is committed to helping parents make informed choices on child care. Nationally, the quality of a child care program is important to parents who rely on child care while they are working. The new system is an important way to inform parents about the quality of child care programs which will help them select a provider that meets their needs. In addition to quality, parents also consider the location, cost and personal recommendations when making their selection.

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