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  1. Program has a signed contract with each family.
  2. Program has liability insurance that covers the child care program.
  3. The center has automobile insurance that covers the transportation of children in care.
  4. Coaching/mentoring for the program provided by an outside entity.
  5. Program provides parents with their own copy of parent handbook/packet.
  6. There is a written employee handbook.
  7. Program is reviewed annually by parents.
  8. Program is reviewed annually by staff.
  9. Managerial review of the business and program is completed annually.
  10. Staff and family records are securely kept for at least 3 years.
  11. Director or owner of the program is a member of a professional organization.
  12. Caregivers have formal staff professional development plans.
  13. Annual staff evaluations are completed.
  14. Internal training opportunities go beyond topics required by licensing.
  15. Director Designee has Director qualifications.
  16. Program holds a minimum of nine monthly staff meetings per year. Staff is compensated for attendance.
  17. Staff recruitment and retention plans are utilized.
  18. Merit raises or bonuses are given to program staff.
  19. The program offers financial incentives for increased education.
  20. Program offers paid health benefits for full time staff.
  21. Program has an advisory board or group that meets at least twice a year and includes staff and parents.