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Health and Safety

  1. Program has a curriculum that promotes good health practices.
  2. Program has a curriculum that promotes good safety practices.
  3. Disaster drills are conducted at least quarterly.
  4. Soap and paper towels in program are at child height.
  5. Program participates in the U.S. Department of Agriculture Child Care Food Program.
  6. Program provides at least one serving of fresh fruit and/or vegetables daily.
  7. Drinking water is available both indoors and outdoors throughout each day.
  8. Outdoor activity time is scheduled daily for at least 60 minutes for children two years of age and older.
  9. Television, video and computer use by children is limited.
  10. Children do not watch television or videos or play non-educational computer games
  11. Indoor Safety Checklist done daily.
  12. Outdoor Safety Checklist done daily.
  13. Program has been assessed for radon and test results show that the center contains less than 4 pCi/L (pico-Curies per liter) of radon.
  14. Program has partnerships with outside agencies that promote health and well being.
  15. Program has a procedure for cleaning up bodily fluids.
  16. Program supports breastfeeding.
  17. Caregiver keeps one hand on the child when turning away from the diapering table.
  18. Diapering sink is located within arm's reach of the diapering station.
  19. Disposable gloves are worn while diapering.
  20. Covered and hands-free trash receptacle is used to dispose of diapers.
  21. Street shoes are not worn in infant room.
  22. For infants and toddlers under two years of age, outdoor activity time is scheduled between 30-60 minutes at least 3 times week.