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  1. Program has a signed contract with each family.
  2. Program has liability insurance that covers the child care program.
  3. Program has automobile insurance that covers the transportation of children in care.
  4. Coaching/mentoring for the program provided by an outside entity.
  5. Program provides parents with their own copy of parent handbook/packet.
  6. Program has written caregiver handbook (for family child care homes that have employees)
  7. Program is reviewed annually by parents.
  8. Program is reviewed annually by all caregiver(s), if applicable.
  9. Owner completes a review of the business aspects of the program annually.
  10. Records for caregivers and children are kept for at least 3 years
  11. Licensee is a member of a professional organization.
  12. Caregiver(s) has (have) written professional development plans.
  13. Annual caregiver evaluations are completed.