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Family Involvement

  1. Families are invited to spend time with their child at the program prior to enrollment.
  2. Written monthly calendar of events is posted and/or given to every family.
  3. Program conducts an enrollment orientation meeting for new families.
  4. Family conferences are held at least twice a year.
  5. Program provides opportunities for families to share knowledge about their children.
  6. Families are given written information about their child.
  7. Program has a written plan that describes how children are supported as they transition into kindergarten.
  8. Program provides opportunities for families to share their family culture/traditions.
  9. Photographs of the children together with their families are available for children to see.
  10. Families have the opportunity to assist in the program.
  11. Program schedules family social activities on different days of the week and/or different times of the day to accommodate varying family needs.
  12. Families receive monthly information from and about the program through written newsletters or social media
  13. Program has a family bulletin board used for sharing information.
  14. Families are involved in the planning of activities and/or menu options.
  15. Families are provided with information on community-based trainings and offered resources about children, parenting or other family issues.
  16. Program has a plan to support English language learners to share their home language with the child care program.