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Outdoor Environment

  1. There is a hard smooth path or surface and wheeled toys available on a daily basis.
  2. Each child enrolled is able to use age-appropriate portable play equipment daily.
  3. A playhouse/dramatic play area and props for dramatic play are available.
  4. There is a large sandbox or sand play area that is covered when not in use to prevent animal access.
  5. A sand/water/sensory table with a variety of toys is available, weather permitting.
  6. At least 1/3 of each play area is covered in natural materials.
  7. There is a nature discovery area.
  8. Quiet spaces for children to relax in that are protected from active play on each playground.
  9. There is a permanently covered area on each playground.
  10. The program offers musical experiences outdoors.
  11. The program offers art experiences outdoors.
  12. There is a garden area that is available to all children on a daily basis.
  13. Any climbing structure with a play surface higher than 20 inches it has the correct use/fall zone and cushioning.