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Scholarship Application

Click HERE for Scholarship Application

  • Various scholarships are available to providers who work with children at least 15 hours a week in a paid position in a program fully licensed with Utah Child Care Licensing.
  • Scholarships are available through URPD to those whose program does not offer financial assistance and no other funding sources are available.
  • All scholarship reimbursements require documentation of payment made with personal funds.
  • The following scholarships are currently available through URPD:



ž  Preschool CDA- $425 Reimbursement                           

žž  Infant Toddler CDA- $425 Reimbursement                    

ž  Family Child Care CDA- $425 Reimbursement               

ž  CDA Renewal- $75 Reimbursement


ž  College Level Early Childhood Course- Reimbursement-Maximum of $150

ž  Face to Face National Administrator’s Credential (NAC)- Reimbursement-Maximum of $150

  National Administrator's Credential (NAC) Renewl - Reimbursement $25

ž  Community Based Career Ladder class that exceeds $200 in cost- Reimbursement-Maximum of $150

  Certified Childcare Professional (CCP) - Reimbursement  $350

  Certified Childcare Professiona (CCP) Renewal - Reimbursement $20

ž  Demonstrated Competency Observation Fee by CCPDI Approved Observer- $100 will be paid directly to a

  URPD approved observer.  Here is a list of URPD approved observers.